More Human Than Human


Well… not quite yet. Still within the Uncanny Valley. But getting closer and closer to being able to pass for human. Meet Han and Arthur (and soon: Eva.) “Creepy” is a way over-used term when it comes to realistic robots, but wow, these things are creepy!

Article and fascinating video HERE

“Robot Overlords” – a Very British Sci-Fi Film


“It’s already been described as ‘Transformers’ meets ‘Doctor Who’… ‘Robot Overlords’ looks at what might happen to humanity in the wake of a robotic invasion, and who will save the day when your usual sci-fi heroes are nowhere to be found. But I can’t help thinking it’s a lot more subtle than it sounds.”

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DARPA’s new autonomous ghost ship, ACTUV

“How do you keep track of increasingly stealthy Russian, Chinese and Iranian submarines? If you’re the U.S. military, you build a robotic ghost ship to follow them around the high seas.”

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Another step closer to a robotic maid in every home – meet Robobarista

Baristas, beware. You may be the next lot in a long line of people replaced by robots.

“Robobarista can do more than make coffee, though. Apparently, it is trained to operate more than 116 household and kitchen appliances, including juice makers, lamps, a soda machine, and bathroom sinks. So what’s next? Robots with tactile functionality, and robots that understand trial and error.”

Article, videos HERE

The Exponential Increase of Robots Has Begun (and what it may mean for jobs)


Some experts are re-evaluating the notion that new tech creates new jobs as quickly as it displaces jobs already being done by humans.

“Economist Erik Brynjolfsson had long dismissed fears that automation would soon devour jobs that required the uniquely human skills of judgment and dexterity.
When Google Inc. announced in 2010 that a specially equipped fleet of driverless Toyota Prius cars had safely traveled more than 1,000 miles of U.S. roads, Mr. Brynjolfsson realized he might be wrong.”

Full article (and additional related infographics) at the Wall Street Journal HERE.

Seiko-Epson’s dual-armed, autonomous robot uses human tools, decides how to accomplish task


Epson’s new “Autonomous Dual-Armed Robot” is equipped with vision and force-sensing functions, and can autonomously execute tasks by recognizing objects, making decisions, and adjusting the amount of force applied, on the fly.


The autonomous dual-arm robot was developed not to be integrated into a system and anchored in place to perform tasks like an ordinary industrial robot but to independently perform simple tasks such as assembly and transport in place of human workers.

Some say that this kind of thing spells doom for humans, as exponential numbers of people lose their jobs to machines, as the machines get faster, lighter, cheaper, and are able to accomplish more tasks. Some say this is good for humans, because we will no longer have to do tedious, mind-numbing assembly-line type work, and will be freed up for more purposeful, perhaps more satisfying work. For better or worse, (most likely a pinch of better and worse,) Epson’s robot will likely accelerate the rate of human replacement considerably, when it hits the market later in 2015.

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“Stop the Robots” group holds signs at SXSW


While the overall tone of this website, ArmedRobotscom, is ostensibly a warning against the potential for a future cybernetic revolt, it is hard to take this “Stop the Robots” group seriously. Partially because of the venue they chose (SXSW), and partially because of the silly messages on some of the signs they magic-markered together for the event. It was a group called “Stop the Robots” and I guess one day soon, maybe more people will join their group (as more and more jobs are lost to AI and automation.) Holding signs at SXSW? If you want to protest, there are some extremely serious and immediate reasons to protest right now. It would be just as hard for me to take seriously anyone who decides to stage a protest with signs saying, “Invisibility cloaks should not be legal for ex-felons!” or “Tickets prices for holodeck theaters are going to be too high!”

Maybe it’s good to get people thinking about this now, rather than after it’s too late. Maybe I am judging them too harshly, out of a knee-jerk emotional reaction to a sign like “stop the robots.” Perhaps they will spark some meaningful discussion among the exact individuals who manage to step forward with the solution to the potential threats posed by super intelligent AI. But “Stop the Robots”?? ಠ_ಠ They’re just getting started!

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There is also the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots” at
Good luck with that. Look how successful we’ve been in stopping killer humans.

Update, 3/23/2015: Now they look even more suspicious…

Accidental discovery – kids with autism respond magnificently to robots


Researchers have discovered that autistic children may learn communication skills more readily from robots. It is easier for them to interact with a robot because with a human, the kids have to deal with more input, such as speech, body language, and facial expressions, which can be overwhelming for some.

Olivier Joubert, with a PhD in neuropsychology, says the idea came by accident, at a robotics presentation, after a mother became emotional when her autistic son suddenly started exuberantly interacting with one; a first for the boy.

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DARPA’s new bird-based ATRIAS gets taken out with a dodgeball


The title should have been, “DARPA’s new bird-based biomimetic ATRIAS gets taken out with a dodgeball because its designers had the foresight to include a GIANT RED KILLSWITCH,” but that’s too long for a title. Of course, one has to wonder how much damage ATRIAS would cause if it fell on someone after being shut down like that, without the tether to keep it upright.

“‘When this robot gets up to speed for walking…it will be the fastest bipedal robot in the world,’ Jonathan Hurst, an associate professor at the OSU College of Engineering, told reporters.”

Full article and additional video HERE

Precision sword fighting robots by ABB Robotics


(Emphasis more on the “precision” than the “sword fighting.”) ABB robots are known for their precision, which can easily be seen in this video:

“And the robot uprising could happen with ABB’s investment in Vicarious, an artificial intelligence research company. At the beginning of November, the Swiss company’s venture capital unit contributed $12 million in the San Francisco-based start-up. Vicarious says its algorithms are aimed at achieving “human-level intelligence in vision, language, and motor control,” and it has been focusing first on visual perception, VentureBeat reported.”

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