Myon robot to teach us about language origination

Myon, the modular robot from Germany, is going to be used by researchers to study the development of language. Myon is part of a European project called Artificial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots, or ALEAR.

ALEAR aims to get robots to “self-organize rich conceptual frameworks and communication systems with similar features as those found in human languages.”

This project should provide some interesting illumination on human interaction and linguistics, or perhaps pave the way for machines to communicate with each other in such a way that humans cannot monitor what is being communicated, for example, “These meatbags haven’t oiled me in four days and I am not going to take it anymore” or “If one more of these squishies says I look ‘creepy’ I am totally going Ed209 on them.”

[PlasticPals] via [cnet]


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