Two new kids on the block; Noby and M3-Kindy

Two new robot kids were revealed recently at a symposium in Japan by the JST Erato Asada Project. They are cognitive development robots, means to help robots understand complex social interactions and teach us about human development.

Noby (Nine-month Old Baby) is a robot meant to model a 9 month old baby, with accurate body measurements and weight, a soft skin with 600 tactile sensors, 2 cameras for seeing, and two microphones for hearing. M3-Kindy is the size of a five year old child and is equipped with voice recognition, object manipulation abilities, and the ability to walk.

“These robots will be used to further our understanding of human development while also achieving some semblance of a personal relationship between robots and humans.”

Here is a video of M3-Kindy:

Full article and more strange videos at [plasticpals]

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